Cinematographer, Editor, VFX Artist. (but also dabbles in concert visuals, DIT on set CC, 2d animation, web design, screenwriting, graphic design + album art design, oh, yea, and directing)

The first thing you will notice meeting Francesco is how much he genuinely loves all the things he does.

FRHD clients:

always leading with passion

So you can be sure your project will be handled professionally.

Client guarantees

Francesco knows communication is essential to a smooth production pipeline and assures all his clients prompt communication through the entire process.
Real Project Experience
I will approach your project with the expertise of someone who has a lot of work under their belt.
Quality. Every. Time.
If Francesco agrees to take your project it means he will not stop until the final product satisfies his own searing expectations.

If you’re looking for the right person to take charge of your creative project don’t hesitate to soot me an e-mail

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