Diplo - Wish ft.Trippie Redd

VFX + Producing

Keep on Wishin’

A good producer stops at nothing until his film is greenlit, well casted, budgeted correctly, produced, edited and distributed (visit the blog if you’re interested in Francesco’s behind the scenes content and VFX/editing breakdowns). Francesco was there from the inception of the idea of this music video and was calling shots up until the end when the video’s editing and VFX were finished. He pushed through this video which was ultimately enjoyed by 30 million people and counting.

As for his VFX work for this video, he did slightly less work than some of his other videos (keep in mind 4 different people contributed to the VFX of this video). Diplo wanted subtle VFX that complimented the vibe of the visual and Francesco played his role to contribute to that direction.

30 Million+ views later Diplo and Trippie Redd’s collaboration “Wish” is perhaps the most successful music video Francesco’s hands have graced.

Fun Fact: Francesco also color graded this video.
His version of the color grade was never used, but these still your looking at are from the version of the video with his color work.
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